Letter: Edward Wheatley October 20, 2017

Liz Truss launching her 2017 election campaign at Downham Market
Liz Truss launching her 2017 election campaign at Downham Market
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Rebecca Elliot is absolutely right. I have just watched Liz Truss MP on the TV and she has the hardest heart of any politician I have known.

She could have stepped straight out of a Dickens novel. Indeed, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear her advocate the reintroduction of the workhouses.

The unnecessarily hasty implementation of Universal Credit is a disaster hitting the most vulnerable people. Would she admit it? What do you think?And she had no excuse for the genuine problems it has caused. For example, she had no explanation of why premium phone charges are imposed on those very people calling the DWP to sort out their troubles. Indeed it seemed to me she was unaware of this. Ignorance is no excuse for a Government minister, Ms Truss.

She cited support from “my constituents”. Like Ms Elliott I wonder who will own up to voting for her. And did they know her views or did they just follow the local idea of politics and vote for anyone wearing a blue rosette? Much though I disagree with almost everything he believes in, I am glad that Sir Henry Bellingham is my MP, not this reincarnation of Medusa who will turn us all to stone with her malevolent stare.