Letter: Elizabeth D’arcey-Hill, March 27, 2015

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As a new resident of Downham Market, and a supporter of conservation, I have followed all the articles in your paper about the Willows Nature Reserve with a lot of interest.

I have had several walks down to the area where the work is taking place and it would seem there is little organisation or programming for the work.

The boundary fence was erected weeks before work started, at what cost I wonder?

The tree surgeons then started work but left what appear to be totem poles. Are these going to be carved into a sculpture at a later date?

The excavators moved on next after the pond had to be drained again, and they did a reasonable job.

After a week of no activity a pile of stone appeared, but no sign of any landscaping

contractors to level and

re-seed the grass areas or to repair the paths.

I understand the fishing bases are to be replaced but this has not started either and re-filling the pond has stopped.

With all the work going on at Ben Bailey’s site carrying away lorry loads of soil, it is surprising the council have not asked for some co-operation with using this to upgrade the deep indents around the grass areas that surround the pond.

These are perhaps negative comments, but when you look at the time it has taken to get this far, and the time that has been wasted because of lack of planning and programming, you can see how our money is wasted by the council.

They have had plenty of time to plan and co-ordinate the contractors so that the job could have started and finished on time, which I understand should have been February 28.

Elizabeth D’arcey-Hill

Downham Market