Letter: G Doubleday, December 12, 2014

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I am interested to hear that West Norfolk Borough Council has a department for democratic services.In a democratic society I would hope all departments were democratic.

My dictionary defines democracy as “Government by all classes for the benefit of all classes; a government in which the supreme power is directly or indirectly lodged in the hands of the people.”

I live in the ward of Marshland and my representative has other commitments so my representation is not full time. My councillor is also a county councillor.

Is Marshland getting a fair deal? Perhaps we should get a reduction in council tax.

What has Marshland got for its tax? What has been spent on Marshland? Over £30,000 was spent retrieving 18in of a domestic caravan from the owner. He didn’t think that was very democratic.

Our councillor was appointed to serve on the King’s Lynn Internal Drainage Board and was made vice-chairman. How democratic was that? His first achievement was to do away with Walsoken’s representation on the Board. The cuckoo ousts the resident.

The next failure was to ignore the plight of my orchard as the Board stopped draining my land so sabotaging my trees.

Marshland has lost the weekly emptying of waste which was an election pledge but has gained disposal of glass.

So the score is minus three plus one. Any more results?

G Doubleday,