Letter: G. Thos King January 9, 2018

Anti-social cycling.
Anti-social cycling.
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I cannot share the euphoria about the New Year 2018 mentioned in several places in the Lynn News of January 2.

With the majority withdrawal of community policing and borough council soporific attitude, Lynn (and generally) has drifted into a lawless and selfish society. The temporary 50mph safety speed on the southern bypass is largely ignored without intervention. Cyclists, of all ages, speed unchecked throught the town’s shopping streets, pedestrians – often with children – jaywalk near to proper crossings with no concern for motorists, or their own safety.

Car owners with a “must be first” mission, hoot, cut us up and speed unhindered along London Road and elsewhere. Disabled parking spaces are now fair game for any arrogant able person to grab for quick access to stores and doctors etc.

Regarding the regular gridlocking of Lynn’s roads and streets, we learn that Council Leader Long “is going to look at the problem”. We look at the situation daily behind our steering wheels. A council “looking” at a problem means they don’t actually have to do anything. No happy New Year, I fear.