Letter: Gloria Cook, August 11, 2015

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As a disabled scooter user I would like to reply to Ms Kohl’s letter (July 24). I have cerebellar ataxia, ME and other problems, none of which are visible like a broken leg.

Yes, I am overweight, but not due to my being lazy, but due to my medication.

I found Ms Kohl’s letter insulting to the majority of scooter users and thought it showed her ignorance of disabled people’s plight.

I always say “don’t step back” if I am near anyone in shops. Any idea of how hard it is to reach shelves from a scooter?

Quite often shop aisles are not very wide so I park my scooter outside the shop and use my walker inside. However, some people cannot do this, either.

I would not be able to walk the length of the High Street and shop.

Perhaps Ms Kohl would prefer that I just stay at home and never be seen.

My scooter is my last piece of independence.

I am quite willing to lend Ms Kohl my scooter for the day, so she can see the other side of mobility.

There will always be people who abuse the use of things, but they tend to be in the minority.

In closing, I hope Ms Kohl never finds herself in the position of needing this aid and stops judging people without fully knowing their predicament.

Thank goodness she is also in the minority.

Gloria Cook

Jubilee Bank Road