Letter: Graham Reynolds February 9, 2018

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I would like to strongly object to the planning application 17/02338/F for an anaerobic digestion facility.

With regard to the increased volume of HGV traffic, Estuary Road is already congested with HGVs and other vehicles, especially when they are waiting to enter Dow Chemicals. They park and wait on double yellow lines creating a dangerous obstruction especially at the access to Estuary Bungalows, usually three or four lorries at a time.

If extra HGVs are allowed on this route it can only be a matter of time until an accident occurs.

Can I also point out that vehicles cut out light to the bungalow and create a noise nuisance and their diesel fumes pollute the air, reducing the air quality. The number of extra vehicles proposed will also further undermine the road surface, which is not good at present, and adjoining foundations which are already shaken by the passing of lorries. Please note that there is also an existing infant school at the top of Estuary Road. Children and parents use Estuary Road for access either by cars or walking, the dangers of extra lorries is self evident.

The frequency and numbers of HGVs going along Edward Benefer Road will, in our view, have an adverse impact on existing road users and residents alike. We would also object to the Saturday delivery as Saturdays and Sundays is the only respite we get from the heavy traffic flow.