Letter; Helen Grant, November 14, 2014

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Road rage, as we are all aware, is an increasing problem on our roads. However, I have no sympathy with idiots such at the character I was driving behind on Thursday.

I was driving along the by-pass between the QEH hospital and Knights Hill when the male driver in front started to signal right, then left then suddenly stopped and I had to take immediate action to avoid him. Fortunately there was no traffic coming in the other direction so I passed him and blew my horn, quite rightly I think. I looked in my mirror to see him pull slightly onto the grass verge, thinking he might have broken down, but no.

Instead he started to do a three-point turn in the middle of the bypass.

And NO I am not joking.

I could see him stretched across both lanes, causing traffic to slow in order for him to finish his idiotic manoeuvre. Now I ask you, was my road rage and blowing my horn at this ignorant driver justified?

Yes I truly believe it was. I watched with disbelief at such ridiculous, dangerous and quite frankly stupid action.

I just hope he doesn’t kill someone soon because with his kind of mentality he will.

Helen Grant,

West Winch