Letter: I Christie November 3, 2017

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Let’s call a truce. Let’s take stock and come together in the Blitz spirit we hear so much about.

We have now heard our decision to leave the EU called the “stupidest thing a country has ever done”. Let’s use that and have a collective think about where we are, and try to be honest and co-operative in our assessments. The vote was close but decisive, and is now held to be the “will of the people”.

Things are slightly more informed now, so current perceptions can now be aware that the NHS promise won’t materialise, the refugee poster was cynical and the presenter has removed himself at a rate of knots.

There were no EU directives about the shape of bananas, nor legislation that there should be four in a bunch; the M62 was not full of immigrants blocking the route to anti-EU meetings.

Most laws are not directed against us from Brussels Mordor, as we approve or instigate a large percentage of them ourselves.

Armed with all this new-found knowledge, shouldn’t we now reverse this process before the Tories manage to pull all our workplace rights and conditions into their own jurisdiction, and mess up the lives of several future generations ? What do you think? Shall we think big, and enact John Lennon’s exhortation to “Come Together” or shall we go back further in time and slither down into John Bunyan’s Slough of Despond ?