Letter: Iain Christie, October 28, 2014

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Domestic news is currently reaching depressing levels, to the extent that it is now, to discerning recipients at least, piercing the cosy team ethic of the phrase “Our Country”, first mooted by David “we’re all in it together” Cameron, and now spouted by politicians of all parties at every opportunity.

The predictable announcement that yet another of our major institutions, on this occasion the Prison Service, is rife with management attacks on employees of integrity and professional concern deemed to possess a whistle-blowing capacity, together with the shocking inability of the “Establishment” to appoint an obviously independent chair of the long awaited enquiry into child-abuse in high places, pose troubling questions in the minds of those who yearn for a just and decent society about the actual nature of the country so regularly acclaimed to be “ours”.

Iain Christie,

Silver Drive, Dersingham