Letter: Ian Borrmann September 29, 2017

passport and visa
passport and visa
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Like most newspapers you have supposedly expert readers on immigration. Have they ever been on the sharp end of immigration?

The UK successive governments have cost the UK lots of tax-payers’ money for the wrong reasons. I, like many thousands who are married to non-European spouses, have to earn £18,600 minimum, receive no benefits such as child allowance, health or education, so costing the UK taxpayer very little.Some of our spouses would be available for employment and pay into the coffers of the UK. Now our friends in Europe, because European laws in the UK have more rights, they do not at the moment have to earn £18,600, get child allowance and all the other benefits too. I would not mind so much, but I feel as most of us have paid some years into the coffers of the UK and we are being discriminated against by our own country for many years. Seems now the Europeans are being discriminated. Well tough luck, join the club.