Letter: Ion Trewin, October 31, 2014

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Dr Hugh Ford founded West Norfolk Home Care, which subsequently became Tapping House Hospice in Snettisham in 1984. A new building was designed and built in the grounds of the original Hospice to provide additional space for patients and carer amenities.

It was financed following a grant from the Department of Health via Help the Hospices in 2007 and named, appropriately, the Hugh Ford Pavilion.

According to a Tapping House newsletter, Keeping in Touch (summer 2010), the pavilion is described as a single-storey wooden frame building “which can be moved to our new hospice site in the future”.

With the Hospice in its new quarters in Hillington, the old Hospice has already been demolished. To my dismay, the Hugh Ford Pavilion has been left behind and is now called SITE OFFICE.

What an insult to the founder of this Hospice and to his family.

Surely, as was suggested in that 2010 Tapping House newsletter, it should have been transported to the new Hospice grounds and re-sited? Dr Hugh Ford’s memory must not be allowed to be forgotten.

Ion Trewin,

Snettisham House