Letter: J Martin, November 7, 2014

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I too am dismayed to see this building (less than five years old) being left behind at the Tapping House Hospice site at Snettisham,and now being used as a site office for new housing development.

At the time it was erected concern was expressed at spending so much on a building there when it was hoped to move to a new site within a short time. We were assured that this had been taken into account,that it was of a particular design that made it easily transferable and that provision had been made for its incorporation into the new hospice site at Hillington.

The money wasted on this abandoned building would have been enough to fully fit out at least two of the bedrooms in the new building.

Dr Hugh Ford founded and left behind a fully functioning day care hospice which also offered home care, carers and bereavement support in a community enthusiastically raising funds to build a bedded unit that would be users by patients and their families for respite and end of life care.

The new hospice building is in place but unfurnished and unoccupied by patients. The day care centre is discontinued.

Perhaps Dr Ford would not have wanted his name to be used for a building for staff. His concern was for the patients themselves and they have been left, 30 years on, with neither a day care centre nor a functioning bedded unit.

J Martin,

Downs Road, Hunstanton