Letter: James Boddy, December 5, 2014

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I feel forced to respond to the recent UKIP victories in two by-elections which raise a number of interesting issues.

UKIP is clearly very right wing and it is therefore a little strange that they are attracting Labour voters in such large numbers.

Their victories appear to be based upon their stance mainly in relation to immigration.

A recent report indicated that the net financial benefit to the UK from immigration was beneficial and whilst I accept that there are issues in relation to education, medical and housing, it is clear that what we should be doing is addressing those issues as opposed to simply ranting that there is too much immigration.

The vast majority of immigrants are employed and making a contribution to the UK in the form of taxes etc. I do not accept that they are taking jobs from those within the UK except in the area where they are being paid less than the minimum wage which should be addressed.

I accept that legislation should be in place to ensure that our benefit system should not be used by those who come to this country purely to take advantage of such a system.

We exist in a world where we must try to exist internationally in a peaceful and mutually beneficial manner and that will not be achieved by isolation from the international community.

The citizens of the UK must realise that we no longer have an empire, no longer have a huge manufacturing base, no huge natural resources and must therefore depend on a relationship with the rest of the world which will enable us to continue to exist as a separate entity within a cooperative organisation.

It is unfortunate that the next election is likely to be fought on issues which are not particularly serious, ie immigration, totally ignoring the real social problems which face us (food banks, benefits legislation depriving those in need, the health service) and even more worrying, that a substantial proportion of the population may be prepared to vote for a party which at worst is clearly racist and at best are totally incapable of serious policies.

James Boddy,

Coronation Close, Swaffham