Letter: Jane Dearling March 20 2018

Vox pop at Harding's Pits.
Vox pop at Harding's Pits.
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We’re really grateful that you published our press release about the planned clean up on Saturday, March 24. The meeting is at 10am.

As we would like to have an idea of how many are joining us and so that people know exactly where to meet, perhaps people could either ring me on 01553 760513 or email me at janedearling@googlemail.com and I’ll be able to give details of where to meet.

It would be very helpful if people could do this before Saturday, March 24, rather than leave it to the last minute – so if the weather is against us again, I can make sure I contact everyone before 9 am to call it off.

Street Scene are supplying some kit to help with the clean up and we’re most grateful to them.