Letter: Jeremy Dearling, December 23, 2014

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I’m heartened to see that there is some independent thought among our councillors.

So often over the years, whether in dealing with simple planning applications, big projects like the laughable marina fiasco (let no one forget how much THAT cost everyone!) watching debates in the chamber or the usual run-of-the-mill stuff, I’ve witnessed so many of them blindly blithely follow the party line to the detriment of the electorate, and local politics in particular. The breakdown of the cabinet system into committee is to be applauded, but what is even more to be applauded is that we now have several new UKIP councillors.

Let’s be honest, there is but a fag paper’s width of difference between Labour, Tory and the Liberals. They bang on about change but whenever they get into power change is the last thing we see. It’s business as usual and more of the same. Labour and Tory are different sides of the same coin. Something new is due. UKIP may not be to everyone’s taste but when their policies are scrutinised they are no worse than any of the others, and I would like to see them give the others a damn good kicking at the election. It might buck up the stale smug stagnant political elite we have had for decades and get them to start listening to what concerns the people. Not what concerns their chums, not what concerns businesses, not what concerns the unions, not what concerns the airy fairy, but what concern the real concerns of many ordinary people in the country. We hand over £55,000,000 EACH DAY to the EU. How much infrastructure would that repair? What could be done for schools, the NHS, transport, the poor, the disabled, the judiciary, the police, the military with £55,000,000 each day? Labour all but bankrupted the country when last in power, raiding pension funds, selling off gold at rock bottom prices. If we didn’t have to fork out so much money to the EU we would be in a far better place.

Good luck to our new UKIP councillors. I hope many more join them. There is a warm welcome among some of the electorate.

Jeremy Dearling,

King’s Lynn