Letter: Jo Rust, December 12, 2014

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I genuinely don’t try to alienate anyone, but I do have to accept that many people such as Roger Swinburn (Letters, December 5) are opposed to my stance.

In respect of the photo about the health workers’ strike, I am most certain that I wasn’t in the shot, but only because, if Mr Swinburn had taken full notice, he might have seen that the picture was accredited to me, I was on the other side of the camera. I stood proudly alongside our hard working NHS staff who deserve much more than they have been offered by a government happy to agree themselves a huge pay rise, but willing to deny nurses, hospital porters and cleaners the same respect.

To say I was jumping on Henry Bellingham’s bandwagon to save the tax office is genuinely amusing. A year ago I was on a picket line with the staff to try to save it. Many would argue that Henry is jumping on my wagon.

Mr Swinburn claims that I blow my own trumpet “at least once a week.” and that many readers are fed up with it. What I see is a local paper that has a letter’s page which is packed full of contributions from local people.

They, like Mr Swinburn, are taking an interest in the political issues which impact on them. I’m sure all the many people that care enough to write in would not agree with him. They are expressing their opinion and are engaged in debate. Please don’t try and close it down merely because you don’t like it.

Do what many others do and just skip my letters.

Jo Rust,

Prospective Labour candidate, NW Norfolk