Letter: Jo Rust, December 2, 2014

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Chris Kerry always make some interesting comments and I’m genuinely pleased that this person takes the time to follow what I’ve done and share an interest in the things I’ve said. I enjoy people engaging in debate about issues which do have an impact on us all even if their views don’t match my own, we live in a diverse society.

I lived in Norwich North when I was growing up and was proud to be asked to take part in the selection campaign there. It’s worth knowing that had I been selected to represent my childhood home, my family and friends would have remained in King’s Lynn (well, I’d like to think my husband would have come with me, but you all know how irritating I can be so, maybe not!).

This fact would have given me an increased desire to see a better road infrastructure throughout our fair county, as either I’d have been coming up to Lynn on the A47 to see them, or they’d have been coming down to Norwich on the same road, to see me.

I’m more than happy to clarify Chris’s question about where my loyalties lie, in fact, photos from Monday show where. With the good people of North West Norfolk; our nurses, healthcare assistants, porters, ambulance staff, cleaners, physiotherapists and radiologists, and before them, with our firefighters, with our social workers, road traffic patrol staff, with our teachers and teaching assistants. Perhaps this won’t be well received by Chris, but these are the people who voted to take strike action, and I’m proud to stand with them and join their fight for a decent pay rise and to protect their pensions and working conditions.

Jo Rust,

Prospective Labour candidate, NW Norfolk