Letter: Jo Rust February 6, 2018

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I couldn’t really fathom out what point Steve Mackinder was trying to make when criticising Jeremy Corbyn’s promise to stop homelessness by buying properties for those without a permanent home.

Is he trying to claim that no one would want to live next door to a person who was previously homeless?

As one of the many volunteers who support the night shelter that’s used in Lynn to ensure that rough sleepers have a dry and safe bed for at least two nights a week, I can assure Mr Mackinder that if any one of the people who need to use it were homed next door to me, I’d be pleased.

The human beings that need this shelter are pretty much the same as him and I, but have suffered a series of unfortunate events which have culminated in their current situation.

Sure, some of them use alcohol and drugs, but when you’re forced to sleep on the cold, hard streets, I think it’s understandable.

Next time Steve has one too many glasses of his favourite tipple, perhaps he could imagine how he’d be viewed if he didn’t have a home and had overindulged. It appears to me that Steve is mean-spirited in his views about rough sleepers. Maybe he could spent a night volunteering to gain experience and change his views.