Letter: Jo Rust January 19, 2018

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I was pleased that Dorothy and I can agree on one thing at least, maybe there is hope for change.

The people of North West Norfolk have received much of the same for a long time now – no investment in our infrastructure, shops closing, courts, HMRC and now CITB closing, increasing numbers of homelessness, more people using food banks and now we’re also faced with the very basic human need that women have for sanitary items when menstruating. Along with the netball league I’m a part of, I’m collecting items to help end period poverty. But in 2017, when it’s claimed we have excellent employment rates and our economy is booming, how can it be considered right that so many women and girls can’t afford sanitary items. Can you imagine what it’s like to be a young woman who can’t attend school because you have no tampons or a woman who has to line underwear with paper to be able to attend work with a period? This government has seen the decrease in wages overall and a decrease in the value of what you can afford to buy. It’s disgusting that councillors voting for an inflation-busting allowance increase didn’t have the common decency to imagine how it is for too many people they claim to represent.