Letter, Jo Rust, November 21, 2014

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It’s telling of the political representation in North West Norfolk that we are advised that we must “go with that” and concede that the stretch of road around Guyhirn is more important than that around King’s Lynn.

It has been widely reported that investment on the A47 would be focussed on areas with marginal seats to be fought.

As North West Norfolk is considered to be so deep blue as to not warrant or deserve any investment on our roads infrastructure our current political representative doesn’t even feel the need to put on a show to the people he’s meant to represent and pretend to make any an effort to fight for funding to improve the roads around here. Instead, just he tells us all that we’ve just got to put up with it.

Apart from a break in 1997 our MP has been in post since 1983. The last major works on the A47 in our area was in 2003 with a flyover that serves to divert people away from the town centre and business areas. I sincerely hope that whoever is in Government come June 2015 recognises that one of the ways to solve the inequality that divides North West Norfolk from the City of Norwich is investment in roads and infrastructure. Until then I fear we are fated to be the poor relations.

Jo Rust,

Prospective Labour candidate, NW Norfolk