Letter: Jo Rust September 29, 2017

Lynn News Hustings at COWA
Jo Rust
Lynn News Hustings at COWA Jo Rust
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Gosh, what a lot of diverse and interesting opinions recently in the Viewpoint letters pages. Some of it’s wholly without substance or evidence, though.

I’m uncertain on exactly whose authority Edward claims to speak when he says that the left wing academics “despise craft skills, science and technology” and that those on the left have “biased our educational values accordingly”. Honestly Edward, you’re entitled to your opinion, so state that it’s an opinion and don’t present it as a fact when it is not. He ends by saying he blames politicians, especially Labour ones who “have totally betrayed the white working class”. While I don’t agree, I can perhaps understand his point of view rather more here, but would point out that when the Labour Government opened up our borders, it was with the benefit of hindsight that the failure to impose transitional controls was a mistake. But John Denham has said of the Home Office predictions of that period: “The research looked well-founded and evidence based.” “The whole irony of this is that in some respects Tony Blair was obsessed by immigration, particularly about illegal immigration and abuse of the asylum system, but on EU migration there was a catastrophic failure of the civil service machine.” In the same Guardian newspaper article Sir Stephen Wall, who was Blair’s most senior adviser on the EU between 2000-2004, admits to an error: “We simply didn’t take account properly of the pull factor of England for people with skills who could probably find a bigger market (in the UK) for their skills – you know, the Polish plumber.” However, what that Government did do was to implement a Migration Impact Fund designed to pump extra funding to support infrastructure that might be stretched. It was this government who claimed they’d reduced immigration, but only removed the fund that was to support communities who were experiencing the most immigration.

Richard English continues the tired cliche of claiming that the Labour Party top brass are fixated on Stalin, again, where’s the evidence? It’s total nonsense. As for recommending that I concentrate on Lynn and its environs, nice way to patronise the little woman. Heaven forbid I should believe that I can work better for the area he wants me to do good works in, by taking it further afield. I would point out to him that it’s a political figure from outside our area who has spoken of the need to improve the A47 between Lynn and Peterborough, not our MP. Where is our voice at Westminster who promised to use his mandate to “secure even more inward investment” and to “improve the infrastructure even more.” But I’ve not heard anything from him on this important issue; strange that.