Letter: John Beckett September 19, 2017

HGV breaching a 7.5 tonne weight limit.
HGV breaching a 7.5 tonne weight limit.
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Regarding Scott Chapman’s letter, Lynn News, September 5, about HGV weight limits, he made a few good points.

But most HGV drivers cannot get their day’s work done without bending the rules. I have driven HGVs in the UK for 46 years and have served two terms of imprisonment for tachograph offences and never been involved in a “bump” that has been my fault. There is nothing worse than a driver who keeps bringing back deliveries to the depot because he couldn’t get to his destination due to a 7.5 tonne limit or a driver who “can’t get round”. I myself never brought anything back. Spare a thought for the lorry drivers. some of them take risks, but most othem really bend over backwards to get their day’s work done. I would like to see a different punishment for drivers who lose their licences in court, no matter what for. Lorry drivers serve Joe Public. Without us the shop shelves would be empty. The law of banning lorry drivers for doing their work is outdated. Higher fines or short terms of imprisonment would be a better punishment than bans.