Letter: John Engledow, January 6, 2015

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Why are West Norfolk Borough Council trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes regarding the proposed redevelopment of Lynnsport and Marsh Lane?

To quote from the Government’s recently-published document ‘The new homes bonus scheme’ (November 26. 2014), “we will match the additional council tax raised by each council for each new house built for each of the six years after that house is built”.

So the real reason that we are having thousands of houses built is to increase the coffers of West Norfolk Council at the expense of the quality of life of local residents.

For example, 100 band D houses would mean over £840,000 in additional revenue to the borough.

As we know 550 homes are planned. As usual money seems to have more impact than the wishes of residents, over 500 of whom have signed the petition to stop this madness.

John Engledow,

Spring Sedge, Lynn