Letter: John Filowatt, October 10, 2014

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I attended a meeting last week at the council offices about the plans to rejuvenate the old allotment site in between Kettlewell lane and the old rail crossing near Long Pond. This area has been overgrown for about 12 years but is a little haven for wildlife with otters, water vole, tawny owl and five species of warbler.

Norfolk Wildlife Trust was also at the meeting and will take an active role in the plans. There will be a ‘Bramble scramble’ on Monday from 10.30-1.30 to cut back some undergrowth to open the area up a bit.

So if you a free that day you are welcome to come and help us improve this area. We plan to retain the mature trees on site and create a wildflower meadow and put up bird and bat boxes.

The idea is to use it for nature studies for the pupils on Eastgate school.

As a long term resident of the area I have seen the recent decline of the park at Kettlewell thanks to the ‘blue-plastic-bag-full-of-booze brigade’. If this plan to rejuvenate the area is to work then the council and the police have to get their act together and sort this public drinking problem out good and proper.

I sent a letter to the council last month suggesting the removal of the two benches in the park and got the reply that “It wouldn’t make any difference!” Well, I beg to differ. I still see people drinking in The Walks and at the bus station despite the ‘No alcohol’ signs, with the threat of a £500 fine.

We want to make this part of Lynn BETTER for wildlife and people and need to see some action on the public drinking problem in the area.

John Filowatt,

Archdale Street, Lynn