Letter: Jon Seymour, January 9, 2015

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Over the festive period I had the misfortune of having to drive to Boots on the Hardwick retail park to pick up prescription medication. I see that there is a petition to improve traffic flow on the estate http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/71439

On two occasions I was queueing for over 20 minutes to get from Boots to the car park’s exit by The Range. This is bad enough, but then you have the people whose time is much more important than those who have been patiently queueing. They think that the one way system doesn’t actually apply to them, so they drive the wrong way through the empty lane of the car park to try and cut into the queue further along. This not only adds to the problem, it also annoys the heck out of everyone else who has been waiting in the queue. On another occasion when entering the car park I was confronted by someone driving a van exiting the car park via the entrance near Pizza Hut. Obviously they had more pressing things to attend to and this meant that they were exempt from having to obey silly things like traffic signs and one way systems.

This traffic flow has been an issue since The Range has been open, but with the new thoroughfare to and from the Tesco store, it’s increased dramatically. Before the new Tesco, there was no traffic coming from the left when exiting the car park, and any traffic from the right was going to turn right into the junction you were emerging from, with the odd exception of course. Now though, you have to contend with traffic coming from both directions, and as there is only room for a few cars between the car park exits and the junction, traffic is held up everywhere. There does need to be a vast improvement made to the system.

Jon Seymour,