Letter: Joy Franklin, January 6, 2015

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Re bollarding off Marsh Lane Estate. I am pleased that West Norfolk Council has extended the public consultation on development in the Marsh Lane/Lynnsport areas and note that virtually all objections/comments on this proposal focus on road links and rat running.

In view of this I have e-mailed Dale Gagen, project officer concerned, to ask that a member of Norfolk County Council Highways attends the next public consultation event on 9th January at Lynnsport.

To my mind officers making decisions which will negatively impact our lives, and be solely responsible for putting a highly valued community shop out of business, should face local people who can explain what impact that officer’s desktop exercise will have upon them and the wider local community. I would suggest, if you agree with me, that you contact either Dale Gagen or Cllr Alistair Beales, as Portfolio Holder for Regeneration and Industrial Assets, via the borough council and ask that an officer from Highways attends this very important consultation.

It is unfortunate that I cannot count on representation from my borough councillor, Michael Langwade, who has shown a propensity to ignore his electorate over the past four years concerning the incinerator.

Indeed if he had chosen to listen, and help us, no doubt he would still also be a county councillor today!

While Cllr Langwade now holds office under the UKIP banner I am told he did not attend the latest meeting of the borough council King’s Lynn Area Consultative Committee on December 18, where his input may have helped members of his ward, who did attend, put forward their valid concerns on the major developments planned in the ward he is in office to represent.

Joy Franklin,

Grey Sedge, King’s Lynn