Letter: July 7, 2017 Name supplied

Accident news
Accident news

As a resident of Fair Green I regularly have to cross the A47 at the junction with North Runcton either on foot, on my bicycle or in my car.

Over the years I have seen many near misses and dangerous driving on the road from the Hardwick Roundabout to the junction at Fair Green.

Recently I found myself caught up in a road traffic accident on the A47 at the junction with North Runcton. I was in my car at the North Runcton junction with the A47, waiting to pull out onto the A47 with one car in front of me when I heard what I thought was a massive explosion in front of me. As I Iooked ahead I saw two vehicles had collided and it was clearly a serious collision.

Many motorists had stopped in their cars and were running to the aid of one of the cars. As I looked to my left, I saw that the traffic coming from Lynn had stopped. However when I looked to my right, I saw to my horror that a lorry and more traffic behind it coming from the A47 direction from Swaffham and I realised that they probably would not see the accident until it was too late due to the bend in the road.

I found myself in the middle of the A47 furiously waving down the lorry to stop, like a mad woman. Luckily he saw me and put on his hazard lights to warn other drivers. Along with other helpers at the scene, I became involved in traffic direction for the next 15 minutes or so until the fire crews arrived. It was amazing how many people had stopped to help.

I don’t know who it is in the Government that is holding up the cash to spend on this section of the road, but I can guarantee that if they were standing where I and many other people were that day they may think again about releasing that money and sort it now.