Letter: Kevin Holland December 19, 2017

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I am disgusted, but not at all shocked, at the recent news that county councillors have awarded themselves an inflation-busting pay rise whilst the rest of the county suffers from Government-imposed austerity.

We are loosing our PCSOs, the council is struggling to meet the needs of its residents with cuts to education, health, transport, bus services, children’s services, libraries and much more. The country is stagnating due to Government policies and people are poorer by the day. Public sector workers are queuing at food banks and getting into debt as they cannot afford the basics to function normally yet those entrusted with our vote stick two fingers up at those who placed their trust in them.

I am appalled at some councillors’ attitude at the justification of this measure, more so when some are on pensions greater than the average wage already and still take more from the public purse.

Service to the public is an honour and privilege, not a right or a career. No doubt the vast majority of Norfolk voters will just allow this to continue and when the polls open next, not a great deal will change. Just remember, though, when the buses aren’t running, the schools are underfunded, the police are not on the streets and no books are on the shelves, there will be a county councillor sipping their Pimms on a beach somewhere, paid for by you!