Letter: Lesley Haywood-Mudge, november 14, 2014

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In no way do I wish to denigrate Evelyn Murrell’s name or demise but there is an historical error, within your article (Woman features in Roll of Honour for the first time, Lynn News, November 7), which states that she joined the RAF in 1918.

Evelyn may well have joined the air force in 1918 but it would have been the WRAF, not the RAF, as both Services were formed on the same day, 1st April, 1918.

The WRAF was disbanded in 1920, re-formed in 1949 and it wasn’t until 1994 that the WRAF was finally disbanded and all members transferred, more or less immediately, to the RAF.

Many people seem to have forgotten that the Women’s Royal Air Force ever existed, or mix it up with the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force.

I was, and am, still, very proud to have been in the WRAF, working in Air Traffic Control from 1960-1964, during the Cold War.

There are a great many ex-WRAFfies (as we call ourselves!) around the world and our annual reunions are enhanced by such

ex-members of the WAAF who can join us. We’re truly delighted to see them.

This year, for the very first time as a separate entity, we joined the Service of Remembrance March Past, at the Cenotaph, and I have never seen a more proud contingent of ladies.

They had me in tears and I wish I could have been with them – maybe next time.

Lesley Haywood-Mudge (620 Munro),

Golden Gym, Pentney