Letter: Lynda Mallett December 22, 2017

GV of traffic congestion.
GV of traffic congestion.
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It took me nearly two hours to get out of Lynn and onto the westbound A47 on December 8.

I knew there had been an accident on the bypass in the morning but at no juncture were there any notices that the westbound carriageway was still closed at 3-4pm.

Even when I reached the Hardwick exit to the flyover there wasn’t a single indication that the westbound carriageway on the flyover was shut. It was only when I realised I couldn’t see traffic on the other side of the flyover that I realised something was amiss. So l stayed on the roundabout hoping to exit on the opposite side, this also was closed so I had to slowly make my way back through the Hardwick and hope the Pullover roundabout was open.

At no time was there any indication as to what the hold-up was due to. I wrongly assumed it was just the usual Christmas jams starting early.

Why couldn’t someone have put up a sign somewhere before the exits to the Hardwick roundabout for instance?

What is needed is route information boards on main routes out of Lynn. They are there for car park updates coming in so please put them on traffic routes out! I love Lynn as obviously do other visitors, please keep it flowing.