Letter: Lyndsey Carter, November 7, 2014

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The Hugh Ford Pavilion was a great asset to the Hospice and has provided us with extra space for patients and staff to meet and to work.

When we were planning the move to our New Hospice at Hillington it was our intention to bring the Pavilion with us. The cost of moving the Pavilion was extremely high and it also became apparent that, due to the nature of the construction, there were no guarantees that the building could even withstand the move. We were therefore left with little choice but to leave the Pavilion behind. This was a very hard decision and one that was not made lightly. Dr Hugh Ford’s philosophy was to provide compassion and care to patients and families with a life threatening condition. He will never be forgotten in the Hospice as this philosophy is embedded in everything we do. We are planning to honour Dr Hugh Ford’s role as founder of the Hospice by dedicating an area of the new building in his memory. This will be confirmed at the official opening in 2015.

Finally, I would like to say that hundreds of people have worked extremely hard over the past 30 years to turn Dr Ford’s vision into reality. We are now just a few small steps away from having a full service Hospice for the first time in North and West Norfolk which I hope our community and all those who have helped along the way can be justly proud of. I am sure Dr Ford would be extremely proud of the Hospice which he founded.

Lyndsey Carter,

Chief executive and Director of Care, Norfolk Hospice,

Tapping House