Letter: M Goward November 24, 2017

Reader's letter
Reader's letter
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“Trotsky Joe and the Rustettes” – what a band this is would be, with the very vocal Joe fronting a talented hot air section of Larcey, Mackinder and Vine with the indomitable Malcolm Cox banging his tired old drum.

Unfortunately, their repertoire would be very small, boring and repetitive.

They would harmonise perfectly as they ooze diversity (except on opinion of that is.) Their sincerity and commitment to the cause would bring a tear to a glass eye.

Their pedantic, self -promoting lyrics, perfectly capture the suffering and hardship only experienced by years in the public sector, and then being forced to face the uncertainty of old age with only a final salary index linked pension to live on.

I have to say I’m not particularly political, I’ve even voted for Jo in the past, but you are getting very boring. Brexit has been decided, the Labour party lost the election so please accept it and move (or march) on! Oh, and keeping with the show biz theme, please don’t call us we’ll call you.