Letter: M Larcey November 24, 2017

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I am sure that your paper is highlighting the cuts proposed by Norfolk County Council, but it does seem that while Brexit is the main topic the county council has decided it’s a good time to “bury bad news”.

The reality is that leaving the European Union and the fake news supporting it are merely a cover up of the rapid dismantling of the infrastructure of the UK so it can plundered by the Tories. The Tory-led Norfolk County Council is hoping to implement proposed cuts before anyone realises.

Firstly, slash the budget for Children’s Centres by 50 per cent, but they don’t say which ones will close or who will lose services. There are also plans to cut library services without saying where or how. Mobile libraries are threatened.

Secondly, cuts to bus subsidies will mean service reductions and difficulty getting to work, education, social activities, health appointments and to care for others. Details of which services will be affected have not been disclosed.

Thirdly, cuts to road maintenance, making journeys more difficult and storing up problems for the future.

Fourthly, increasing charges for non-residential care – introducing new means testing and forms to complete for people with extra expenses because of their disability, illness or mental health condition.

Then, increase Norfolk County Council council tax by 4.9 per cent on top of last year’s 4.9 per cent increase. You will be paying far more for far worse services. There are petitions circulating demanding public consultation on the cuts to Children’s’ Centres.