Letter: M Larcey Sept 12, 2017

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Having read the extensive coverage of the leaked Tory government’s plans to control freedom of movement known as immigration one should be appalled not only at its incompetence but also at its lack of humanity.

It is incompetent in that the plans will drain the UK of very valued and highly skilled workers in areas where the UK cannot supply an adequate workforce from the indigenous population whose training and educational institutions have been severely slashed. How will the government replace the tens of thousands of skilled and educated workers in the wide range of the NHS, for instance? Any UK person will be severely punished by Mr Hunt for wanting to take up nursing by the withdrawal of the bursary and being immersed in debt.

The plans lack humanity in that they are based on xenophobia. They scapegoat a section of our population, those who have taken advantage of freedom of movement, for the problems of poor governance. The ills that these people are supposed to be guilty of are due to the constant drive of greedy elites to hammer an increasing gap between their overindulged lives and that of the rest of the UK population. This elite, holding in servitude the Tory government, think nothing of the cost to the rest of the population of maximising their benefits, not just in monetary terms but in a holistic sense: healthcare, social welfare, security, equality, justice and public services which are all up for grabs – to be bought and sold. What we are told by the Daily Mail is that the injustice we face is due to ‘a mass immigration from the EU’. Xenophobic and scapegoating headlines. The truth is there will be no ‘mass immigration’ because who would want to come to this country governed by a May, Johnson, Gove, Hunt et al who are fragmenting the UK’s infrastructure and responsible for devaluing the pound so much that it is not worth earning? Not only do we need to stop this ridiculous Brexit, based on a referendum fed by lies and misinformation, but we also need a radical, roots and branch, approach to our society. This approach should be founded not on the needs of a few but on equality and justice for all citizens of this UK and citizens of all nations. We need Jeremy Corbyn who will start this.