Letter: Malcolm Cox April 17, 2018

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Reader's letter
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A fine couple of tours de force by Rebecca Elliot and David Holland (March 30) left my head spinning, so much precision. Well done to both, say we old geezers.

And then we read yet another toothless swipe at Jo Rust. Yet again she is an irritating “banner waver.” And so I turn my attention to Steve Mackinder, a man devoid of ideology and whose views are getting decidedly odd.

If there is one thing that he believes, it is that “opinions don’t need facts.” There is something deliciously ironic about someone who is in the Lynn News every week complaining about the frequency of other Viewpointers.

Could it be that old problem? Yes, Jo’s a woman isn’t she, a leftie and a woman. Misogyny again stalks the pen of Mr Mackinder, perhaps.

There is an alarming trend emerging which we have seen elsewhere. I do not recall, Steve, you writing anything vitriolic about Sir Henry Bellingham. And yet you rant on about Liz Truss who is guilty of “visiting Women’s Institutes and churches and glad-handling local bigwigs.” She is also a “career politician”, you mean unlike Sir Henry?

Moreover your dismissal of WIs is very insulting. Over the years I have presented the occasional talk to such groups. Your silly dismissal of the WI demands an apology. Also as an atheist I recognise “old churches” and value them as repositories of local history and your scathing attack on my adopted county as “dozy old Norfolk” is contemptuous.

Mr Wheatley, Mr Cox, Ms Rust and a whole trail of others whom you have mocked are free to air their views and await scrutiny of their fellow citizens.