Letter: Malcolm Cox March 23 2018

a rippled union flag background representing the united kingdom
a rippled union flag background representing the united kingdom
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Good heavens, what a bile-filled, anti-historical, ignorant rant from Steve Lund-Beck (Proud to be an Englishman).

This was mostly a repeat of a letter I replied to some time ago. Presumably Steve has a hazy memory. It is the usual badly-informed rant from one who has a loose grasp of history and needs to widen their reading range beyond Tory tabloids.

I am obliged to reprise much of my earlier reply. On our wall we proudly display King George’s letter to my father thanking him for efforts during the Second World War. Moreover my Uncle Benny went down in the Wash on returning from a raid on Nazi Germany. How dare you question my patriotism simply because I do not think like you.

I have spent my adult life fighting fascism, I bristle every time I read the name of Hitler. I am confident in saying that I know more about him than you ever will, including walking in his very footsteps and speaking albeit inadequately his native tones.

And the issue which prompted Steve’s reply was “nationalism.” It was nationalism which fed Hitler’s vile regime. Likewise Putin has created his appalling dictatorship on Russian nationalism.

You spit out that intimidatory line “You are not an Englishman.” Well, yes, my passport declares that I am “British.” I am often emotionally English however, when I read the poetry of Browning (Home thoughts from Abroad always moves me) or the inspiring words of local man Thomas Paine, I am proudly English. The music of Elgar or Benjamin Britten likewise tickles my “Englishness”.

Even now whenever I hear the sound of a Spitfire (as we do in these parts) my eyes moisten. You should be aware that national pride can easily be turned into dark nationalism, so when I travel abroad I am “British.” Yes, Britain briefly stood alone but ultimately Hitler was beaten by American money and Russian blood.

Moreover it seems you have completely misread my reply to Mr Wheatley, it was his letter headed “Why not ask, If I am English?” Watch this space on this one.

Your letter Steve then turns really nasty, we have become “subjugated to Europe and allowed mass migration from Africa and Asia.” All those despised “Europeans” were right there with us defending their homelands against Hitler. Likewise millions from our Empire in Asia and Africa gave their lives in both world wars. Your ignorance is appalling.

As we all know the Empire morphed into the “Commonwealth”, a pet project of our present Queen. I am guessing that you missed the photo of West Norfolk Mayor and Councillor Long unveiling the lovely blue and gold flag to celebrate “Commonwealth Day” (March 13).” The caption read “More than 2.4 billion people were united across the globe, uniting the 53 nations that make up the Commonwealth.”