Letter: Malcolm Cox october 13, 2017

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What another sad letter from Edward Wheatley (“Blame lies with politicians”, September 27).

Earlier this year reader John Burns left you an open door Edward. He wrote: “And local Tory MP Sir Henry Bellingham wants to bring in even more Banglasheshi cooks.” I was sure you would walk through it. Surprisingly this theme was picked up by a Canadian journal and forwarded to me by a relative. It resurfaced only a couple of weeks ago with disillusioned leavers during a Channel 4 TV debate.

There is a touch of irony about the owners of curry houses demanding an end to EU immigration in favour of their “own kind” from the sub continent. Put simply Brexit means “bye, bye Slovakian, hello Bangladeshi.” Our government’s fawning over India’s Mr Mohdi has been demeaning, “no post Brexit investment without visas for Indian citizens.” The race or nationality of immigrants is irrelevant, the vast majority are readily employed and contributing to society. Statistics tell that 26% of NHS employees are not born Britons. Mr Wheatley has been complaining about all immigrants for a long time, his reason for Brexit.

However now it seems that his focus has narrowed, “I am blaming the treacherous politicians especially the Labour Party who have totally betrayed the white working class.” So Edward’s a bit of a class warrior – as long as they are white. Previously Edward’s letters have been generally anti-foreigner. Brexit, it seems, will deliver us from this malign influence.

I point out with further irony that during this year’s jihadist attack in London the hero hailed as a “True Brit” by a tabloid newspaper was a Romanian named Florin Morariu. Moreover a recent poll asking which of the Battle of Britain pilots (Spitfires) was top of its “heroes” list produced the name of Squadron Leader Witold Urbanowicz from Poland.