Letter: Maria Rix, October 7, 2014

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This Saturday we have witnessed a truly happy day with the granting of the Freedom of Hunstanton to the USA Air Force 67th Special Squadron.

On this occasion we really need to congratulate the person who gave birth to the idea and managed to make it a reality with the help of the town and borough council.

It would be nice to see this “unity” in other council matters such as the proposed development at the southern side of Manor Fields.

I have heard that some town councillors had commented on lack of public support for the objectors of the development, well I can think of at least three good reasons for not attending the meetings, 1) I’m interested but was not aware of the meeting taking place; 2) In today’s society sadly many people take the easy option as to ignore what does not affect them directly; 3) Possibly apathy in the town council’s part as they don’t seem to have ears for the people who elected them.

Maybe we should forgive the ones who were co-opted?

Nah .... they should abstain from voting!

Harrys Way is a quiet cul-de-sac. I assume that when it was build the area was chosen for its tranquil aspect overlooking the sea as an ideal situation for retirement bungalows.

So how come that now some of our town councillors want to inflict houses, two and three storeys high or family houses “not bungalows”.

What about the tremendous increase in traffic that would incur? I can only assume that they are suffering from “selective hearing”.

Maria Rix,