Letter: Mary Howard Sept 8, 2017

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West Norfolk Association of the National Trust is a friendly, thriving group who meet monthly for lectures or outings.

I was chairman for several years and previously served in varous capacities on the committee for over 20 years. I write to express my strong disappointment with the current leadership of the Trust for the way in which it is conducting its affairs. I am tempted to withdraw my membership. Treatment of farmers in the Lake District on land given to the Trust by Beatrix Potter goes from bad to worse. The heritage of this place is being swept away by decisions made by the current board of directors who, among other things, are pandering to the demands of anti-field sports activists rather than preserving the way of life of Cumbrian people. Robin Page, a former governing council member of the Trust describes current leadership as “politically correct idiots”. I agree. The fiasco at Felbrigg regarding the wearing of lanyards and the “outing” of Robert Ketton-Cremer who left Felbrigg to the Trust was quite out of order and has done much harm to the Trust’s reputation. Now I read that under the leadership of Dame Helen Ghosh pronouncements are being made about Brexit. Stop it!During my membership of the West Norfolk Association I have been very grateful for the opportunities it has given me to visit places on group outings and my special gratitude to Jill Price for organising all the association holidays. I wish the committee and members of the local association well for the future.