Letter: Mary Plant Sept 22, 2017

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From October 1 to 7 Soroptimist members from SI King’s Lynn, as part of their mission to inspire action and transform the lives of women and girls worldwide, are encouraging members of the public to complete the UK wide survey undertaken by the Soroptimist United Kingdom Programme Action Committee.

Working with UK Modern Slavery Training Delivery Group, which is part of the Government’s strategy to combat trafficking/slavery, the intention is to find out the extent of public knowledge of human trafficking and modern slavery. The results will help to inform and direct their work.

The online version of the survey is accessed from www.sigbi.org/ukpac/survey/ and it is hoped that a wide range of individuals will complete the survey. Soroptimist member Sue Renwick said for many years SI King’s Lynn have gone into local schools to raise awareness of the issue of trafficking and modern day slavery. The students are generally shocked and amazed that anyone could be involved in buying and selling human beings in this day and age. The more adept we become at spotting the signs, hopefully, the easier it will be to root out this dreadful crime.

Gill Bond, programme action officer for SI King’s Lynn, is concerned that quite often people can be held as slaves and it’s essential to recognise the signs to protect people.