Letter: Mary Rye, November 28, 2014

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I have just read Mary Rye’s comments about banning Christmas. I do not agree with her or those of Diane Lines.

It’s true, Christmas has become too commercialised and for many people the true meaning is lost. I agree that too many people are greedy and comparisons are made to see who gives and who receives the most expensive gifts.

My family along with many others have been collecting filled shoeboxes for “Operation Christmas Child” to deliver to deserving children around the world. These children are needy of the gifts that are sent with love in far off countries and are unknown to the people who prepared the shoeboxes.

Many of the children that receive them come from families where the cost of one present, ie an iPad or the like given in this country to one child, is more than the whole family has to live on.

Sunday, November 30, is Advent Sunday and this is the time when Christians around the world prepare for the coming of the Christ child.

May I suggest that Diane and Mary seek out their local churches and chapels to see what is on offer to get back

to the true meaning of Christmas and feel the love and joy that is shared at this time.

Stephen Andrew,

Glebe Avenue, Hunstanton