Letter: Matthew Hannay February 9, 2018

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I was very interested to read Malcolm Cox’s letter on January 26 about the present situation with UKIP and about my previous responses to his letters, in which I appreciate his kind words towards me.

I’ve not been keeping tabs on the letters section in recent months so I haven’t seen Rob Colwell’s ‘bashing’ of my letter. I will try and find it and give it a read.

UKIP, as I’m sure most people are aware, is in a terrible crisis. Since Nigel Farage, wrongly in my view, stepped down as leader of UKIP, the party has gone down on a very steep slope with infighting, poor infrastructure and poor leadership.

The Henry Bolton saga has been the final straw for a lot of members who have been dedicated to the party for a number of years. Although it may appear that Henry Bolton is only facing a vote of no confidence due to his decision to leave his wife and children for a racist glamour model, I can tell you that is merely the tip of the iceberg.

However, his decision to leave his wife for Jo Marney has, in my view, damaged the party’s image and credibility with the electorate, and when you add to that the resignations from top officials within the party since June 23, it leaves me to conclude that there is no way in which the party can recover.

We have the members’ vote of no confidence on February 17 in Birmingham. I will not be attending based on what I’ve just said above, however, should Henry Bolton survive I will resign from the party. If he loses then I shall stay on and hope for the best.

In Malcolm’s letter he said “defections leave UKIP in our region defunct”. I’m guessing he is referring to the defections to the Conservative Party by a large chunk of our former membership in the past year or so. I would just like to clarify that I will not and will never join the Tories.