Letter: Michael Stone march 13, 2018

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I read with interest Mr Cox’s gleeful letter about premature obituary of UKIP.

If he would like to research UKIP donors he would find that Mr Banks made only a very small financial contribution to UKIP compared to others.

UKIP has and still has many donors who have contributed more, Mr Banks very much funded Leave EU and that was a cross party organisation made up from Labour, Conservatives and even George Galloway.

If Mr Cox would read the UKIP manifesto he would find what UKIP’s policy is on both the NHS and migration. He may be interested to find that UKIP has always called for a points based migration system, so if a hospital requires nurses there would be little to stop them them coming here.

Every country wants skilled staff and that be no different with UKIP, we are just a against having an open door migration policy.

UKIP has been the most successful party ever, in its aims to get a referendum and vote leave the EU.

Mr Cox mentions Nigel Farage but doesn’t comment on his commitment, no other party has had elected members committed enough to fight to lose their jobs.

I have been a member of UKIP since 2002 and never has a year gone by when there hasn’t been a prediction that UKIP was finished. UKIP has had a set back under our last leader and his girlfriend, our members were so disgusted by her comments they voted him out.

Locally UKIP is ready planning for next year’s borough council election, so just watch this space.