Letter: Michael Stone November 3, 2017

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Again Mr Larcey calls for second referendum.

The last referendum was lost even though the full weight of the government and the Labour party were against it. It’s amazing how close both Labour and Conservatives are with their cosy little club.

Even their MEPs voted against moving talks on in the EU parliament. If we go back to the vote in 2016 many people will have voted for remaining because of project fear which it has shown was totally wrong. The IMF said after a leave vote it would shock the UK economy into recession with four quarters of negative growth. It didn’t happen. In fact each quarter has shown fair growth. Interest rates were going to have to go through the roof but they haven’t – in fact they have fallen.

The cut in interests rates by the Bank of England (which also recommended we remain) has kept the pound at a lower level. Fear that unemployment would rise by 500,000 has not come to pass, even though we were told that three million jobs relied on the EU.

The truth is we have a higher percentage of people employed than at any time since 1975 when we joined the common market. It’s about time our government took control and walked away, that is the only way to move the talks on. A lot of people were scared into voting remain, project fear didn’t work the first time, it won’t work a second time. We are where we are, let’s support our country and make Brexit work.