Letter: Mike Knights, December 2, 2014

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After terminating Cory Wheelabrator’s contract it looked as though Norfolk would be shifting towards a more sustainable waste strategy rather than burning.

Incredibly, after two failed attempts to force incinerators on Norfolk and around £30million wasted; there are county councillors who just voted for more of the same!

Ten members sitting on a county council committee chose to include incineration in Norfolk’s waste strategy. Their arguments are incredibly ill informed.

Norfolk could be making real progress towards sustainable waste treatments fit for the future.

Instead, some decision makers find paying over the odds for backward technology attractive.

On December 15, at 10am all Norfolk’s county councillors get to choose whether they want to push again for incineration or finally cut lose from the mistakes of the past. This meeting is important, it’s worth seeing for yourself who can or cannot be trusted.

If the full council gets this wrong, our children could face giving away millions of pounds more to incinerator companies for decades to come.

What on earth persuaded two Labour councillors to back a Conservative incinerator proposal; after Labours’ election pledged opposing it?

December 15 will be a test of the entire council. If they finally rule out incineration I am sure they will be pleasantly surprised how much easier it is to save money and deliver better waste treatment in Norfolk.

Mike Knights,

Fairgreen Farms, Middleton