Letter: Mike Larcey March 2, 2018

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The Daily Mail is busy trying to discredit Mr Corbyn and other Labour MPs with spurious accusations of acting as agents for the Soviet block.

These accusations illustrate a total ignorance or disregard for truth concerning the history of the Labour Party and of Mr Corbyn himself and their opposition to the Soviets. This Tory propaganda is a red herring in an attempt to distract citizens from what is really happening in their lives, the privatisation of the NHS. David Cameron betrayed UK citizens by his assault on the NHS in the 2012 Health and Social Care Act. This Act was designed to privatise the NHS into small pieces. Combine this with an eight-year funding drought and citizens are experiencing fewer healthcare professionals and fewer care assistants and facilities. According to Mori, the NHS is the top cause of anxiety for citizens. I am sure that all your readers have witnessed the consequences of this. The privatisers argue that this crisis is proof that the NHS is not working. This is contrary to figures provided by the Institute for Fiscal Studies which indicate that despite being in crisis, productivity in the NHS has increased. The real cause of crisis within the NHS is the right wing determination to underfund the NHS in order to make it cheaper to privatise. The architect of the latest assault is Jeremy Hunt. He is promoting Accountable Care Organisation (ACOs). ACOs are a planned new configuration joining up local services into one big contract. Because of Cameron’s initial assault which opened up NHS services to competitive tendering, these ACOs are available for privatisation.

Mike Larcey