Letter: Mike Larcey October 24, 2017

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There is a window of good news – according to eminent UK and EU lawyers, Article 50 is not irreversible.

That Article 50 can be reversed is just because of two sound reasons. Firstly, the Leave campaign was based on misinformation about the consequences of leaving the EU. Secondly. Team May is making a dog’s dinner of negotiations with the EU. There is their arrogance in trying to dictate the terms of post-Brexit relationships with the EU which is a cover for their complete lack of comprehension of the UK’s position. They have no grounds on which to demand anything: they are the ones leaving the EU! What is becoming clear is that Team May does not know what it is demanding of the EU: a transitional period, or complete withdrawal from the customs union and single market? Mrs May is doing the job of two men: Laurel and Hardy. Every time she makes a statement, the more confused her own party becomes! Personally, I think we should respect the majority of voters who chose Leave. If Article 50 is reversible we should not allow politicians to act without consultation with the nation, especially seeing that a significant portion of these voters did so because they were disillusioned with Westminster, raising their own wages and allowances while inflicting austerity on the public. When the full consequences of leaving the EU become clear, we should have another referendum. There should be, in simple not civil service language, a full explanation of what would happen to the UK on leaving the EU.