Letter: Mike Riggs, January 9, 2015

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In reply to Jo Rust (Letters, December 30), Socialism is about fairness and equality. However, Socialists hated the “Poll Tax” which sought to bring fairness and equality to each person by taxing them for the services they used and not an unfair tax by the size and value of their home. The so called “Bedroom Tax” is another fair and equal rate.

If a couple or a single parent with one child claims Housing Benefit they are entitled to an amount to pay rent on a two-bedroom home (one bedroom for the adult/s and one bedroom for the child) If the family wish to rent a home with more bedrooms then they would have to pay a higher rental, paying the difference between the Housing Benefit and the actual rent of the chosen home. This difference is the “Bedroom Tax”.

A family renting a council or housing association home with more bedrooms than entitled (under similar rules for housing benefit) is now charged extra for the difference between a home with sufficient bedrooms for the family group and the actual number of bedrooms the home has. This equals the “Bedroom Tax”.

Mike Riggs,

St Peter’s Close, West Lynn