Letter: Mrs J Martin October 13, 2017

West Winch village sign
West Winch village sign
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I feel that I have to reply to an article in the Lynn News (October 6) about the Community Transport.

I use the transport they provide and have used it on different routes for many years and I can’t believe that passengers are being made to sit on the floor. I can’t imagine any elderly person of 84 years old being able to get on the floor let alone being able to get up again. I don’t imagine any of the drivers would allow that to happen as I know most of the drivers and they are all very helpful, so to allow anyone to sit on the floor is unbelievable. If they have medical or hospital appointments, they can ring up the office to book a car to take them and bring them home again.

If the council in its wisdom cut the service buses at least they have provided another service to take over. At least there is a community bus to take over the route they should be thankful that it has not been cut off completely.

At least West Norfolk Community Transport is working with the operators and the parish council to meet the residents’ needs. I am sure it will be sorted out to suit everyone.