Letter: N Vinehill December 29, 2017

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Many Brexiteers label several Remain Tory MPs who voted with the Labour opposition against the Government on the issue of having a vote on any final deal of Brexit as traitors guilty of treason!

The media afterwards posed the public question on TV and radio ‘are these MPs heroes or villains’? They are neither. What happened in the House of Commons wasn’t about rebels defeating the Government it was about common sense prevailing. Listening to how many Brexiteers have reacted anyone would think MPs have overturned Brexit completely so what really angers them?

One of Brexit’s core arguments for leaving the EU was winning UK sovereignty back from Brussels,not that it was ever lost. Yet when their own UK sovereign parliament votes merely to have a vote on any final deal after negotiations surrounding the key issues were finalised its regarded by many ‘leavers’ as an act of betrayal despite the fact that none of those issues and likely obstacles featured on any ‘leave manifesto’ because one didn’t exist!

Much of this Brexiteer reaction epitomises how a large proportion of leave voters couldn’t really care a fig about real democracy based on true global economics in the real world.

The simple advisory non-binding EU binary referendum choice of ‘leave’ or ‘remain’ just provided them a non cerebral opportunity to ignore the real economic impact of Brexit and adopt a generally chauvinistic reaction towards anything foreign or immigration related because they gullibly believe EU membership is the sole cause of all the UK’s economic problems.

Now the obvious economic negatives of leaving are becoming more apparent on a daily basis many of the more vocal elements of Brexit have nowhere to go apart from being angry for the sake of appearing angry and labelling everybody else who wants to remain in the EU as liberal lefty traitors.